Reveals the Father was Jesus’ teacher when on Earth, as in the Celestial Heavens.

April 3rd, 1917

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, James (the Lesser):

I will not write long tonight, but pray to the Father to bless you and make your faith increase.

No, I never belonged to any of those sects, not did Jesus. He was never learned in the wisdom of India or Egypt, or Persia, as the writer whom you were reading tonight asserted. He was taught by the Father and the Angels of God, and his knowledge was that which came from these teaching and the opening up of his soul perceptions. He was not a son of the Magi, or of the wise men of any of the countries referred to, but as to knowledge and wisdom he was a son of the Father only.

I will come again soon and write you.

So, good night.

Your brother in Christ,