Rose, the soulmate of Judge Syrick, writes of their happiness.

March 4th, 1916.

Received by:James Padgett

Washington D.C.

I am here, Rose:

I am your old acquaintance in the spirit world, and you have said that you loved me as a sister and wanted to make me happy, and you did, for I am very happy, thanks to your help. I am the soulmate of the Judge, and I merely want to say that we are both with you at times and try to help you and receive help. He is progressing very rapidly now, and will soon be with me when I know he will be extremely happy. He wants me to say that he will never forget you and the great benefit you conferred upon him when you brought him in contact with me and enabled him to learn what was in the future for him in the spirit world. He is now a true believer in the truths of the Master and is trying to obtain the love in all its fullness, and he wants you to know that this love is a reality and not a mere thing of speculation.

He wants to come soon and write you a long letter as he promised, and he would come before, but your time is so occupied by the high spirits with their messages that he has not found the opportunity to write.

Well I must not write more, except to say, that you have in store for you a happiness that you cannot conceive of. A soulmate that is so very beautiful and loving and beloved by us all, and who has a most wonderful influence over all with whom she comes in contact. And greater and above all else you have the love and wonderful friendship of the Master, who comes to you so very often.

Oh, I tell you that you are favored and should feel that great benefit of the companionship of the number of high spirits who come to you, for you do have a great number of these Celestial Spirits come to you and write, and cast over you the influence of their great love. I am your friend forever, and I want you to love me too.

Yes, I try to help them, for I am present when they come, and some of them come to me for help. This is a wonderful work and we are all so interested in doing it. The dark spirits who seek your help seem to be as much impressed, as any of us that you have so much influence over them, and when they start on the way to light, they, in many cases, find it, and then turn to you in gratitude and thanks. They are your friends forever, and say, that they will always be with you and protect you.

So my dear friend, I will say good-night.

Your friend,

Rose McGovern