Ross is praying for Divine Love and explains his improvement.

April 27th, 1918

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, Perry:

Let me write a line, for I am very desirous of again communicating to you the fact that I am progressing and have found the Love of which you first told me and which information led to my seeking to possess it.

I know that you are very much interested in the higher messages and want to give your time to receiving them and that it is almost impudence for me to intrude, but I have asked your wife if I will interfere with any of these messages tonight by my writing and she informed me that it would not, as none of the messages would be written tonight. So I feel somewhat at liberty to write and I hope that you will consider that I am not intruding.

Well, since last I wrote you, I have been praying to the Father with all the longing of my soul for an increase of His Love and realize that it has come into my soul in greater abundance and I am correspondingly happy. I shall soon be in the Third Sphere, so the spirit friends who have been so kind and loving to me tell me and it gives me much happiness to know that such a prospect is opened up to me, for I can, because of the progress that I have already made and realize to some extent what a home in that sphere will mean to me.

I would like to write you a long letter tonight, but I must not detain you. But this I want you to remember that I am very happy now, and my suffering have left and I know that all these blessings came to me because of the workings of the Divine Love in my soul. It is wonderful what that Love can accomplish in the way of rescuing a sinful soul from its surroundings of darkness and from suffering the law of compensation, which is a great truth, does its work without hesitation or partiality, or interference by any God or angel in the way of commanding it to cease its work, but this great Divine Love is more powerful than the law and when it enters into the soul of a man or spirit it in effect says to this law, you shall no longer operate on the soul of the sinner that was, because it will take that soul away from and outside the operations of the law. How little men understand this working of the Divine Love. It does not set aside the law, but it merely removes the soul in which it has found a lodgment from the scope of the operation of the law. The law goes on but the objects of its operations are rescued from the same. No law is set aside which men think and argue is necessary in order for a soul to be saved from its penalties and when on earth I believed this too, and did not believe in or accept the doctrine of the special interposition of divine providence to succor men from the consequence of their sins and that I did not believe because I thought that the only way in which this could be accomplished was for God to say to the law, you shall cease to operate.

But now I know, that, while the law never ceases to operate until the penalties that I suffer for have been paid, yet this Love is above the law, but not antagonistic to it. I wish that I might write more on this subject tonight as to me, it is one of the most wonderful truths in God’s Universe of Spirit and I never cease to meditate upon it and thank the Father that I was made a real example of the power of this Love.

Well I must stop now, but when you have time I should like to come and write at more length. I see that my wife has not progressed in learning the truth and I am very sorry.

Well friend,

Good night.

Your friend,