Saul affirms that message is one of Truth.

April 15th, 1916.

Received by James Padgett

Washington D.C.

I am here, Saul.

I want to write just a line as I see that tonight you have around you so many of the high spirits. I do not intend to say much, but I must tell you that I am in a condition of love that makes me happy as I see that you are.

I am not so high in my position or have so much of the soul development as have those who have just written you, but yet, I am a spirit who knows the truth of the Divine Love and a possessor of the Divine nature. I want to say to you both, pray and believe. Let not what others may write or say to the contrary cause you to doubt that the spirit who wrote you was Mary – not the Virgin Mary – but Mary the mother of Jesus. She is a beautiful and pure spirit and one who is filled with the Father’s Love to a wonderful degree.

She also has her mother’s nature to an extent that makes her love all the children of God, whether they be good or sinful, and she does pray to the Father for the sons of earth, but she is not pleased when mortals pray to her as some one who should be worshipped. She is only a spirit filled with love, and when they, I mean mortals, look upon her as a mother she is not displeased, for as I say she loves them all; but when they think that in order to reach the ear of the Father in seeking for His Love, they have to pray to her to intervene, she is sorely displeased and, if she could do so, would proclaim to them the great error and sin in believing in her and praying to her as a necessary intermediary between God and themselves.

Some day, mortals will know that the Father hears their prayers, just as he does the prayers of Mary or any other spirit, and that while she and all other spirits can help them, even by their prayers, yet God wants the prayers and soul longings of mortals directed to Himself.

I write this to show that some of the orthodox Christians make a great mistake in praying to the Virgin Mary or to any other saint, instead of to the Father.

I will not write more tonight, and will say that I, as well as the other spirits who are here tonight, love you with the love of a brother who knows the reality of this Divine Love.

Your brother in Christ