Scott, an old friend is asking for help to find Divine Love.

February 2nd, 1920

Received by:James Padgett

Washington D.C.

I am here, Scott:

Let me write. I am your old friend, Scott, who died a few days ago. I know now what death means and how we are punished for the things done on earth, and I am suffering my share of the penalty. I come to you because you had told me on earth of the future of men who die and I am now convinced that what you told me is true, although I know very little of what my fate here is. I only know that I am living and suffering and beyond that I do not know anything.

I am glad that I can come to you and hope that you will help me, if possible. I have written Morgan and he promised to help me, and if you only knew how much I need help you would not hesitate one moment, for I believe that you are my friend. I realize that I am not in condition to know anything of the truths of religion and there does not seem to be anyone here to help me. How strange that my folks have not met me, for I believe that they must be interested in me, if any dead person can be.

I am tired and must stop.