St. Paul comments on errors in his epistles.

August 30th, 1915

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, Saint Paul.

I desire to tell you that I am very anxious to disclose to you what are the true teachings of Jesus, and what errors my epistles, as contained in the Bible, possess.

I know now that it may seem strange to you that errors should have gotten into my epistles, but there are several reasons for their entrance. First, the epistles as they now appear are not what I wrote – I mean many changes have been made in my writings – and second, when I wrote the epistles I did not know as much of the truths of God as I do now, and thirdly, I was not such a believer in the teachings of Jesus, as I am now.

These are sufficient reasons why my epistle should not be accepted as containing all the truths, or rather, that all they contain are truths.

There are apparent contradictions in these writings, and if what is said were true there would be no real contradictions.

I fully realize this great defect in my epistles and I have tried hard to impress those who attempt to explain my sayings, as to the real truth of what they attempt to explain, but with indifferent success.

And now I want to correct what is untrue or not in accord with the teachings of the Master, and the only way in which it can be done is by writing through you. Of course, I realize that you have a great work to do for the Master, and that most of your time and energy will be taken up by doing this work of the Master, and that every other communication must be subordinated to those of Jesus, yet I believe that you will at times, find time to take my messages.

Tonight, I will not attempt to write any message of these truths, and will only say that I am much interested in your work, and will try to help you all I can. So I must stop.

No – no blood saves from sin, only the Divine Love of the Father does this.

With much love I am your friend,

St. Paul