St. Paul communicates on his place in the high Celestial Spheres.

June 28th, 1915.

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

Saul of Tarsus, now Paul of near Damascus.

Well, as you are so longing tonight for love and fellowship with the disciples of the Master, I thought that I would write you just a little to show that all the Master’s disciples are in their living spiritual bodies, and I am alive and will never again die.

I have written many epistles which are contained in the Bible, and some are nearly correct, and in them you will find my idea of God and of the Master. I never taught that the Master was God, and neither did I teach the doctrine of the vicarious atonement or the sufficiency of Jesus’ blood to save a sinner from the sins of his earthly deeds. I never taught that any man’s sins would be borne and the penalty for same be paid for by another – and wherever these doctrines are set forth in my epistles, they were not written by me.

I agree with John. God is Love. For this means that God is everything that is good and pure and lovely. Love is the fulfilling of the law and Love includes everything.

Yes. It (the thorn in the flesh) was my doubt at times that I was called to preach the truth of man’s salvation as taught by Jesus. I say I doubted at times that I was called to do such work, for notwithstanding the Bible narrative of my conversion I was not altogether convinced by the vision that I saw. I know now that it was a true vision and that I was called – but when on earth I had doubts at times, and this was my “besetting sin”.

Well, as to that I am afraid that I will have to disillusion you, for I was never stricken blind or taken to the house of the prophet of God as the Bible says.

My vision though was plain enough, and I heard the voice upbraiding me, and I believed, but at times there would come this doubt that I speak of.

Of course, from my epistles you would never think that I had any doubts, and I purposely abstained from making known my doubts and so called it my besetting sin. But I thank God that I never let that doubt influence me to prevent me from giving the work my call, for if I had I would have undoubtedly relapsed into the persecuting Jew.

As I continued to preach my faith grew stronger and after a while my doubt had left me, and in my latter years I had no doubt.

No, I am not in as high a sphere as is St. John, for I have not that Love that he has; but I am in a very high sphere and am the governor of the city in which I live. I am probably as much filled with this Love as any of the inhabitants of my city; and consequently, having been a disciple of the Master, they selected me for their governor.

No, Peter is not in the same sphere-he is in a higher one.

Some are higher and some lower. Andrew is in my sphere, but does not live in my city.

I am glad that you called me tonight or rather, the influence of your love, as I am much interested in the work that you have to do for the Master. You will be able to do this work and it will be a great revolutionizing one when it is published.

Well I will be glad to write you at times and will give my present opinion on some of the things I discussed in my epistles.

So as I have written considerably I will say goodnight and stop.

Your friend and brother,

St. Paul of the Bible