Teaches of the Mercy of the Father.

August 8th, 1915

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, Loyola the Jesuit:

Yes, I am a follower of the Master and a very weak one. I was a persecutor of those who differed from me in my views of religious things, and duty as a consequence was the cause of the death of many a true Christian as I see the truth to be.

And on earth my followers now in many parts of the world have the same bitter feelings against all who do not think as they do upon religious matters, and were it not for the laws of the countries in which they live they would do as I did.

How I have suffered since I became a spirit for all the evil which I inflicted on mankind when I lived on earth in what I thought then was a religious cause. But thank God even my sins have been forgiven and I am now an inhabitant of my Father’s kingdom. But oh, the long years of bitter suffering and remorse and the darkness of blackest night that I lived in among howling devils and lost souls as they thought.

But now I know that God’s mercy is so wide that the greatest sinner may be saved and receive the Great Love of the Father. I write this because I have never before communicated to mortal in this way and I want to give warning to the world, and especially to my followers on earth that the truths of God are eternal and will live forever, and that no persecution in the name of truth will meet the approval of God or save from punishment and torment those who engage in it no matter how honest they may think themselves to be, or how much they believe that they are doing their duty to God.God has given to every man a free will which even he does not attempt to curb or bind and no mere creature of his has any right to say to a man that he shall or shall not believe this or that, and exercise his will according to the enforced or seeming belief. No, man is a free agent and can do as he pleases in regards to his beliefs, and even God will not force him to believe, but when he believes that which is not true he will certainly have to pay the penalties of his erroneous beliefs, because the truths of God are fixed, and with these truths operate laws that are inexorable, and men who fall to conform to the requirements of these laws must pay the penalties to the last farthing. These laws never change and are supreme.I am now a redeemed spirit through the grace of God and have realized what his love means and am an inhabitant of the celestial heavens. But not because of my works on earth, but because of the great overshadowing love of the Father.

So I say, seek the truth as it may be found in Jesus teachings and shun the dogmas and creeds of the churches as you would a poisonous thing of death.

I will stop now, but thank you for the opportunity of making this, my confession.

So with all my kindest wishes I am your brother in Christ,

the Jesuit