Tell him that my love is with him all the time.

March 29th, 1917

Received by:James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, Mary Kennedy:

I am here, and I will not keep my own dear soulmate waiting any longer, for he is just ready to explode from the anxiety that he has to hear from me. He may not acknowledge this to you, but it is true, for I can read his soul and do not flatter myself when I tell you this.

Well, it has been some time since I wrote him even if you do not think so, but it has been to me, for if you could only realize the happiness that I experience in writing to him, you would understand that sometimes we spirits know what time means in the spirit world, though many of them tell you that they do not know what time means. Well, it may be so, but I doubt that they who say this have ever had the experience of waiting for the opportunity of writing to their soulmates on earth.

I have been with him a great deal, as he knows, and have become a part of his thoughts, and tried to respond in a sensitive way to his thoughts of love that he has sent to me, and sometimes I realized that I succeeded. Well, tonight I desire to tell him that I am more interested in his happiness which comes to him from the inflowing of the Father’s Love than from any that may come from the inflowing of my love, and while I do love him with all my soulmate love, and want him to realize it in all its fullness, yet I am more anxious that his soul shall be opened up to this greater love that is so necessary to his eternal salvation and a home in the celestial spheres. And besides, I must tell him this – that the souls that have this Divine Love developed within them have a more wonderful capacity for this lesser love than those who have only the development of the natural love. To the former there is no end of happiness and to the possibilities of progress.

From my writings, and especially from those in which I attempt a little pleasantry, Leslie may sometimes think I may be a little frivolous or not so serious as a spirit of my development and possession should be, but of this I want to disabuse his mind, for he must know that when there is great joy and happiness growing out of love, even the Divine Love, there will be gladness and pleasantry, and sadness or continued seriousness will have no part in that happiness. I am very serious at times, and meditate with great earnestness and soul longings on the truths of the Father and the meaning of His great Love, and my soul goes out to Him with all the reverence and adoration that He would ask of me, and when I pray for my soulmate and for his progress in this love, then am I most serious and let the longings of my soul go to the Father with all the earnestness that I possess.

No, he must not think that I am a frivolous soulmate flitting from sphere to sphere as one of the spirits wrote you in reference to us who have the Love of the Father in our souls, and seem to he so bright and airy. Only those who are in darkness or who are bereft of this great Love are habitually serious looking with never a laugh or a song to make glad the heart of some other spirit or perchance mortal. Why, if I had to always be serious or apparently an angel of deep thought trying to solve the problems of the universe, I would not be the possessor of the Love that I have, and my face would not shine as the sun, which is the appearance of those spirits who have this Love of the Father in their souls as I have it. I am not flattering myself, as you mortals say, but am stating to you a truth that cannot be gainsaid by any in our spirit planes where we of the redeemed souls live and love and pray.

Of course, when I come to your room or into the earth plane, I do not bring with me my real appearance which my soul produces, for I would not be what the spirits who live on this plane could endure and, then, I am only a beautiful spirit as we are sometimes described by those who write, but, as I am, only those who are like me or higher than I can see or understand. And so I am trying to help my dear one to get so much of this Love in his soul that, when he comes to our spirit world, it may not be long until he can be in condition to see his Mary as she really is. Well, I am thankful that I could write this tonight for I so much desired that he should have some conception of me as I really am.

Tell him that my love is with him all the time, whether I am his Mary in the lower plane or his Mary in the higher heavens, where she appears to her spirit associates in all the beauty of her glory, a glory that can come only with and from the possession of the greatest of all loves.

I thank you and will not write more. So, my dear friend, with my sister’s love to you and my soulmate’s eternal love to him, I will say goodnight.

Your sister in Christ,