Tells of her love for her son.

October 30th, 1915.

Received by:James Padgett

Washington D.C.

I am here, Mother of Eugene Morgan (who is sitting opposite you):

I heard him express the desire today that I would write to him, and I then determined that I would come with him to your room tonight and gratify his wish. Your band consents that I should write, and are helping me in the way of lending me their rapport, and hence I write so easily, as you may see.

Tell him that I am so glad that he has commenced to awaken to the truths of spiritualism, and that if he will only continue his investigations he will not only ultimately believe in its truths, but will find the greatest satisfaction, and the longings of his soul will be realized.

Many and many times have I been with him, hoping and praying that his mind would be opened to the truths which spiritualism teaches, and that as a result thereof his soul faculties would be opened to the greatest truths which affect his eternal happiness in not only this life but in the great life to come. I, as his mother, have prayed for all this, and now I thank God that I can see that my long-wished-for hope will likely be fulfilled.

I am very happy, and am a Christian, as he knows I was when on earth; but I am not exactly the same kind of Christian. Then I believed in the doctrines of the church as to the ceremonies and formalities that were imposed upon me to follow and abide by, more than in the soul’s real religion. Now I see that these formalities were nothing; that the true soul religion determines and brings to us the great happiness which the Father has provided for us.

I will not leave him until he shall come to the spirit world; and I don’t mean to say that that will be very soon, but no matter how long he may remain on earth I will stay with him and give him the great mother love which he never received in a very demonstrative way when I lived. But he is my boy and it seems to me that my love for him is without limit or extent. So he must believe that I am with him and in return think of me often and let his love for me flow to me sometimes, and try to feel that the love of his mother is responding to him.

I am in the Fifth Sphere and am among the redeemed of the Father, with only the Divine Love in my soul; and if I could only tell him what this means, all his doubts would flee from him and he would thank God with all his heart that he had been awakened to some realization that there is such a thing as the future life, and a God, and a great overwhelming and all-pervading Love waiting for him to make him happy and to become one with the Father.

His father is here, too, but he is not so much developed as am I, for he was not on earth a very serious believer in the things of the soul; but now, thank God, he has had his awakening and is trying to obtain that Love and to progress to the higher spheres and so, ultimately, be with me; for I must tell my son, notwithstanding the fact that he doubts or cannot exactly realize the existence or meaning of soulmates that his father and I are soulmates, and are more happy in our love than ever we were in earth life.

And there is another thing that I want to tell him, and that is that he has a soulmate, too, and she is here, and lives in the same sphere with me. She wrote him a few nights ago, and while I see that he may doubt the reality of her existence here, yet I want to tell him with all the love and interest that his mother has in him, that she is a real existing being, with all the substance and reality that he can imagine a human sweetheart to have, whom he had never seen. Yes, his Clara is here, and is with him oftener than he can conceive of, and is loving him with a love that even his mother’s love cannot compare with.

Tell him that I will come again soon and write him, and more in detail, but tonight I am so full of love and so thankful that I can express it to him that I can scarcely think of anything else. Love, Love, Love is the burden of my message tonight and he must think and learn and know that his mother’s love, his soulmate’s love, and the Divine Love of the Father are the three greatest things in all God’s universe, but in their reverse importance.

I must stop, though it is hard to do so. I want to thank you for your kindness in receiving my message, and trust that you will continue to show my boy the way to a realization of the truth in this great and most important Truth of spiritualism.

I will again tell him that I love him, and say good-night.

Mother of Eugene Morgan