Thank the Dr. for his prayers have helped me.

March 15th, 1917

Received by:James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, John:

I was with you tonight at the séance and heard what the medium said, and saw that as she delivered the various messages, she was being dictated to by spirits of a very low order of development, and that they enjoyed very much the deception that they were practicing upon the medium and upon the hearers.

These spirits are not the kind that you should have the association of, and while your band was present and prevented any of these spirits from getting in rapport with you, or from affecting you by their influence, yet it does you no good to mingle with such spirits.

The medium believes that the spirits who came to her are really the relatives of, or spirits interested in the people in the audience, but as a fact, these spirits are mostly impostors who have gotten possession of the medium and use her for their own enjoyment. When she attempted to describe the spirits present, she was not only imposed upon, but the spirits whom she saw, as she said, were not the spirits whom the sitters might suppose them to be.

But there were some of these spirits whom she saw really were the ones that she described them to be, and were interested in the people to whom they came, but they were of the earth plane, having very little development.

When she attempted to tell you of your condition and want of spiritual development in the knowledge of the truth, she was dictated to by some of the fraudulent spirits, who did not know the truth and who were not in condition themselves to read your condition of spiritual development and took you to be one of the usual visitors at their seances, and, hence, caused the medium to commit the error that she did.

The spirits who she says came to you were not your grandparents, for you must know that none of your spirit band manifested themselves, and the ones that she saw and said were interested in you, were some of the spirits who are with her very often, trying to deceive the people.

The medium has the powers of seeing and hearing the things of the spirit world to some extent, and is generally honest in her attempts to convey what she receives, but sometimes she exercises her own thoughts and fabricates the message that she delivers.

It is a pity that such a condition of affairs should exist, but it is a truth and will continue so long as these spirits of deception are given the opportunity to manifest themselves.

And I will further say, that while Dr. Stone had around him a number of his spirit friends, yet they did not manifest themselves, and the Indians that the medium described were not in any way connected with the Doctor. Of course at these séances there are always a number of Indians present who delight in manifesting themselves to the medium, but tonight none of these Indians formed any part of the Doctor’s guides or band, and he must not believe that he has around him these howling Indians, for there is nothing in common between him and such spirits, and he is too well protected for these spirits to form any rapport with him.

While at times the Doctor may do some good to some of these wandering spirits who attend these seances yet, as a general thing, they are not helped by him, for the most of the spirits who attend such seances do not come there for assistance, but for enjoyment or, if they are thoughtful and anxious spirits, to communicate with their friends.

His work does not lie in the séance room, when great numbers of spirits of all kinds and conditions congregate, but in the quiet of his own room, or as he walks the streets, or in the church meetings where spiritual truths are taught, and where people of some soul development assemble. He has around him many of these spirits who are earnestly seeking for light and relief from their sufferings, and if he, in these moments of quietness or when he is where the spiritual atmosphere prevails, will let his thoughts go out to these spirits of darkness, and his mind formulate and project the advice and knowledge which he has of spiritual things, he will do much good and help many spirits toward progression.

Of course, the mediums of the kind that you visited tonight, have a work to do, and notwithstanding all the undesirable conditions that surround them, they do some good both to spirits and mortals, and they should be encouraged and helped to understand the possibilities that are theirs; but this does not mean that you and the Doctor, who have often gotten into the association of a very different and higher order of spirits, and having before you a work of a different character from that of these mediums, should not seek such places and encounter the retarding influences that are always present, in order to do the good that you can do.

I realize that this may seem unkind to these mediums, but what I state is a fact, and is not stated for the purpose of decrying the work of these mediums, but only to show you that such places for you to frequent, as your work is not there, but is as I have above stated.

You will comprehend the purport of my message, and it is not necessary to write more upon the subject, but understand this, that in order to do your work most effectively, it is meant that you go not where these low and vicious, or merely dark spirits congregate and seek control of the mediums, and of the sitters as well, but on the contrary, demand that these dark spirits shall come to you where the influences are more helpful and seek your help, and you need not fear that they will not come, for, as a fact, they are with you whenever they get the opportunity, when possible. Every mortal for his own work and in his own place.

Well, I was there, because, as I have told you, I am your especially appointed guardian to direct in your soul development, and it is not a waste of time or a descending to places that you may think I should not attend to do this work of looking after you, and accompanying you in your visitations to séances or churches or wherever .you may happen to be. You are the instrument that we are using to do our great and vital work for the salvation of mankind, and I can do greater work to help and protect that instrument. Because I come to the earth plane and engage in this work, I am no less the John of the Celestial Heavens.

And what I have said in reference to you applies to the Doctor for James was with him, protecting and looking after him, and doing the work that, as the Doctor’s special guardian, he takes delight in doing.

We are Celestial Spirits of the highest order, but that fact does not prevent us from realizing the necessity of the salvation of men, and even though we have to come to earth to bring about this salvation in work and association with spirits of the earth plane, yet it is a labor of love, and humility is the touchstone that brings to us happiness in our work.

No, we are with you often and in close association and we would not be fellow workers with the Master, if for one moment we should have the feeling that because of our high estate, we should not come into rapport and helpful association of sinful mortals; and so long as the Father requires His Great Truths to be taught, and men’s souls to be Saved from the effects of the great fall and made angels of Divinity our work will continue.

But sometime our work on earth as well as in the spirit spheres will cease, and then our homes in the Celestial Heavens will be our only places of labor and love; the kingdom will be completed, the doors of the Heavenly Kingdom closed and the angelic hosts be separated from the spiritual and perfect man. Such is the decree.

And as the Father desires all men to become one with Him in His Divinity of Love, we must work until the day of the great consummation Of the kingdom arrives, and the spirits who have not on the wedding garment shall suffer the doom of the second death.

And when Jesus said work while it is day for the night cometh when no man can work, he meant that while the kingdom is open for men to enter we must work, for when its doors shall be closed the work of the angelic laborers must cease, and man and spirits be left to an eternity in the spiritual spheres.

And as we work, and so you must work until the time of the (great) separation, and as the Master said, the wheat and the tares must be permitted to grow together until the great time of the harvest, so must the soul with only the natural love and that with the Divine Love be permitted to mingle together until the reaping of the harvest shall take place. And until then, we must mingle and work and pray without ceasing.

Well, my brother, I have written enough for tonight and will stop, but do not misunderstand what I have said in reference to the mediums of the séances. They have work to do, and they must do it, and not be discouraged. You have a work to do, and you must do it in the way that we have pointed out, and the work that you can do they cannot, and hence, you must do your assigned work, and that alone.

So with my love, and the Blessings of the Father, I will say goodnight.

Your brother in Christ,