Thanking James for I have now seen the light.

March 15th, 1919

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, George Butler:

I would like to write a few lines tonight, if you are agreeable. A long time ago I wrote you, describing my condition and that of the hells in which I was then living, and you were kind enough to help me and bring me in association with some bright spirits who were willing to show me the way out of my awful condition, and who since that time have been helping me with their love and sympathy and prayers; and now I am happy to tell you that I have gotten out of my darkness and am progressing towards the heavens which a development and transformation of the soul by the inflowing of the Divine Love, leads to.

Tonight, I desire to express to you my thankfulness and gratitude for the great service you did me, and to say, that in all the spirit world there is not one who feels more conscious of the truth which your advice leads to in the salvation of his soul, and the redemption from an existence of darkness and suffering, than do I.

I cannot convey to you any conception of what this redemption mean to me, or of the wonderful difference of condition in a soul that has experienced the possession of this love, and one that remains in ignorance of the blessings that it confers.

What I wrote you then, I now repeat, that the hell of a soul which is all tainted and permeated with the results of an earth life of sin and error, is wholly true, and the contrast between souls in the two states of existence is impossible of description.

When you spoke to me of the probability of my release from the hells, and told me that this great love would work out my deliverance, I confess that, I had very little faith in what you told me, and thought that you were trying to impose on me some of the old nonsensical beliefs of your church doctrines, of which I had heard a great deal when on earth; and when the bright spirits came to me and confirmed what you had said, and offered their services in accordance with what you had advised me was the certain way to my obtaining a new state of living, I thought that is was an illusion or delusion, and that no results could possibly come to me by pursuing the course that they told me would surely lead to a change of my condition. But they were so earnest, and so anxious that I should listen to them, and seemed to have so much love for me and my welfare which was a new experience for me since I had been in hells, that I commenced to think that such evidence of friendship and anxiety for my betterment, must have some foundation of truth, and that I would not lose anything by heeding their advice and making the effort to pursue the way pointed out to me; and so I commenced to pray for the love, and they prayed with me, and in a little while their Father appeared to me in a new light – not just real, but as something that might have a potential existence. I continued to pray and listen to their prayers, and my emotions were aroused, and I felt a kind of happiness that I had not before felt, and a feeling of hope that there might be some efficacy in their prayers, but, had not much faith in my own; and, notwithstanding my incredulity, I realized that I felt better in the atmosphere of their presence and in the influence that their prayers seemed to bring around me. They were very kind and sympathetic, and so wonderfully patient, and impressed me with the feeling that my soul’s salvation, as they termed it, and the deliverance of me from my unhappy and suffering condition were to them matters of personal interest and importance; and, of course, with such feelings I soon commenced to think that if these beautiful spirits could have such interest in me, I should have interest in myself sufficient to earnestly seek for the relief that I so much needed.

Well, I then put more desire and longings in my prayers and tried to look upon their Father, as possibly my Father also, and so my longings became more real and intense. I prayed and called upon the Father to give me this love, and to cause me to have faith in prayer and in the Being to whom my prayers were offered. I will not tell you how earnestly I continued to pray and how the first faint realization of the answer came to me and with it the consciousness of a hope that might be fulfilled. After a while this love came to me and with it a felling of happiness that I had never conceived of, and also the conviction that these spirits were showing and helping me on the true way to a redemption of soul and body, also, for as you may know, I had then and have now a body more substantial and real than the one which I possessed when on earth.

I will not here describe my progress or the different experiences that I had, nor the faith nor doubts that came to me in succession. I persisted, with the encouragement of these spirits, and after awhile found myself out of the darkness and sufferings and the hells, real and terrible, and an inhabitant of a brighter sphere and in the association of brighter spirits, who, though not like the beautiful spirits who had so lovingly worked with me, yet, were very different from those whom I had left in the darkness and the hells.

I am now in the Third Sphere, and if I had the time or rather, if I felt justified in consuming your time, I would describe to you as best I could, what this sphere is, and the wonderful beauty and happiness that belongs to it. Sometime, I hope to have the opportunity to attempt to portray the wonders of this sphere, and more particularly of my home and surroundings.

Tonight, as I have said, I merely desire to express to you my gratitude, and to assure you of the truth and the results of what you told me was the true way to light and happiness.

Never through all eternity shall I forget your kindness and the great help that you gave me, nor shall I cease to remember you in my prayers to the Father, whom I now know is a true, real, existing and loving Father. Oh, the difference in the condition of the Butler in hell and the Butler who is now writing you is beyond all description, and this love, which is the greatest thing in all the universe and the greatest gift to mortals, is the cause thereof.

I must stop writing, although I should like to write longer, for I have already intruded too long.

So remember my gratitude, and also that I am now a very happy

George Butler