The author of a book accepts he was in error to the Divine Love in his writings.

December 26th, 1918

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

Let me say a word.

You are not doing the wise thing in reading that book, for it is very largely speculation and that which leads to untruth and harm.

The writer knows now that his hypothesis of the dual mind is all wrong, and that he has the same mind now that he had when on earth, and that no part of that mind died with the death of the body. He also knows that spirits do communicate with mortals, and the subjective mind, as he calls it, does not among mortals furnish the means of communication or suggest the information that is contained in the psychic phenomena. He also knows that the mind is not the soul, but one of its attributes merely, and that it is controlled by the soul and the will. Many other things besides, he now knows, and is convinced that man is not the result of evolution, but is the immediate and direct creation of God, and that he has no relationship to the brute animal.

Sometime he will come and write you fully on these subjects, if you will permit him to do so.

Good night,

the author

Jay Hudson