The Dr.’s Father is his Guardian Angel.

November 14th, 1915.

Received by:James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, William Stone:

I am the father of the Doctor and I want to tell him that I am with him very often trying to help him, and make his material affairs become more successful. I am also with him in his soul aspirations, for I can see that he is more in the way to learn the truth of the life in the spirit world, and of the destiny of mortals after they become spirits. So if he will at times give me a loving anxious thought I will be able to come into closer rapport with him and impress him more consciously as to what I think is wise for him to do or not do.

He may be surprised that I am here, but I have been present on several occasions, when his soulmate and his mother and your wife have written to him, and have observed the effect upon him of the communications as given and received.

While his soulmate is with him so very much, and is closer to him than any of us, yet his mother and I have a great interest in him and love him very much.

I am his guardian angel and have looked after him ever since I entered the spirit world and became imposed with the duty of looking after him. I only wish to tell him this tonight. I am very happy and am in the fifth sphere and expect to soon get into the seventh sphere where his mother is, but I am afraid that before I do so, she will leave for the Celestial and so I will have to strive again to reach her. I have nothing further now to say tonight.

Well, his brother is in the condition that his mother told him, and is suffering a great deal, but he will soon see the light and get relief. Some of your band who seem to love his mother so much are working with him, and he seems to be interested in them, and believe that they are really trying to help him.

I would prefer if he wait until I come again as this is my first attempt at writing, and I want to be in condition to answer any question that he may ask without confusion. So tell him that I will come again and will be willing to answer his questions.

So, bidding you goodnight, I will leave you both my love and best wishes.

His Father,

William Stone

(My father in Celestial 1920)