The Dr.’s friend is now attending a Séance from the other side, and what a difference.

March 15th, 1917.

Received by:James Padgett

Washington D.C.

I am here, Nathan Plummer:

Well, I must write a word, for I was with you at the séance and saw what was going on, and I tell you there were some hellish spirits present, and they had the center of the stage.

How different the séance from what it is when I come to your room, and meet you and the Doctor, and see the other spirits present. Well, well, who would have thought that there could be such a difference in the spirits who congregate!

I know that such séances are not places for me, wicked as I am, and this I see with greater clearness now that I know that there are in this spirit world so many spirits who are good and beautiful.

I am doing what I told you I would do in my last letter, but have not yet felt any change, but the good spirits tell me to pray, and I am doing it, with all the energy that I used to give to my swearing, and I could swear some when the occasion arose.

Forrest is growing brighter looking, and he tells me that I can get bright too, and I believe him and I don’t intend to let any of these devilish spirits keep me back, if prayer will help me. Tell the Doctor that his prayers help me, and that he must not stop, for I haven’t many on earth to pray for me, and I am afraid that the prayers of most of my mortal friends would not do me much good anyhow.

Well, I must stop, so goodnight.

Your old friend,