The Dr.’s mother has progressed to the 1st Celestial Sphere.

January 10th, 1916.

Received by:James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, Mother:

I am here, the mother of the dear boy, and I want to tell him that I am exceedingly happy in my new home, as I am now in the First Celestial Sphere of which he has heard a great deal, and what he has heard is all true and more besides. I cannot attempt to tell him at this time, what a glorious home I have, and how the good Father has provided for my happiness everything that the heart and soul can wish for. This is the result of that Divine Love which he talks so much about, and which he has to some extent, and which I know will be his in an abundant degree, even before he comes to the spirit world. There is no conception of what the power of this great Love can do to make mortals and spirits both happy, and the mortal who learns the way to possess it is blessed above every other mortal of your earth life.

But he must not think that because I am so happy and so much nearer the fountainhead of the Father’s Love, that I am not still interested in him, and loving him with all my heart for it is a fact that the more of this great Love that I receive into my soul, the more love flows from me to him, and the more my efforts are to have him get into his soul this Divine Love, and the knowledge that he is an acceptable child of the Father and is an heir to the great kingdom which Jesus is now establishing in these Celestial Spheres.

Well, I must not write very much tonight as it is late but I do want him to know that I and all of his folks who are in these higher spheres are trying to help him, and make him feel the influence of our love and blessing. So tell him to believe in his mother and in the Master with all his heart and soul. His father is also very happy and is progressing and I know is endeavoring with all his faith to progress to my sphere, and get with me, and then we will be one in actual living as well as in the knowledge that we are one and always have been.

So with all my love, I will say goodnight, and thanking you I will leave my love for my boy and the prayer of a mother that he may continue in the favor of God and in the progress of his soul.

His mother,

Priscilla Stone