The Dr.’s mother writes to her son and on the Spirit World.

February 17th, 1916.

Received by:James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, Mother:

I am here and I want to say just a word to my son as I have not written him for some time, and you know how much a mother’s love means.

I only want to say that I am with him so very often with my love and mother’s longings for his happiness and prosperity. He, I know, has a great deal of the Father’s Love in his soul and that brings him so much nearer to me and causes me the happiness which the knowledge gives me that he will when he comes over become one of us in our consciousness of immortality. Oh! I tell you that this knowledge is a thing more precious to me than I can express, for it shows me that he, my boy, is very dear to the Father and to his elder brother, Jesus, the glorious one and the most loving one. Why if I could only tell you of the love of the Master for you both, you would never more doubt that you are his chosen ones for the great work which lies ahead of you, and which even more is resulting in the salvation of many.

He may not know that he is helping you in your work among the dark spirits, but he is, and very frequently when you two are sitting together and talking about the great Love of the Father and the fact that these poor spirits can be helped by the higher spirits, these dark ones hear you and many times they believe enough in you to cause them to seek our help and thereby learn the way to light. It makes me so happy because I know for each of these spirits that are rescued from their darkness and suffering there comes to you an additional blessing from the Father, and increased love from all the spirits who love to linger around you.

So, tell my boy, that what I say is true, and he must realize that while he cannot communicate to these spirits as you do, yet, he has helped many of these spirits with his conversation and the love which he had in his soul and which these spirits sense when they come in close contact with him as they frequently do.

We are all very happy and are waiting for the day of our uniting, which will be in God’s own time, but not now, he has a work to do on earth and until that work is done he will not come to us, and that is more real than apparent.His little soulmate certainly loves him, and at times we all tease her but she seems to rather enjoy it, and she does. His father and sisters send their love and want him to know that they are with him very much. So, thanking you for your kindness – I will say with all my love and blessings for you both,

His Mother,

Priscilla Stone