The Dr’s sister writes on her love for her brother.

June 6th, 1916

Received by:James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, Kate Stone.

Let me write just a line or two, for while so much love is present I want to enjoy it and tell my brother that Mr. Morgan is not the only one on earth who has a mother and sisters and soulmate’s love.

I have not written often to him, but have been present many, many times when others were writing their messages of love, and while I was not writing I was impressing him with my love and I know that he felt it, for I could see his emotions, and the return of his soul love to me as he received mine.

Of course, the sister’s love is not so great or of the same quality as the soulmate’s, or even that of the mother’s, Set it is a love that is all pure and unselfish, and carries with it the influences that can come only from a soul that has received the purification and great joy of the Father’s Love.

I do love my brother, as we all do and I try so hard and so often to cause him to realize that my poor little sister’s love is flowing to him in all its fullness.

I know that he has a great deal of not only the natural love, but also of the Divine Love as well, and if he could only know how happy it makes us to realize that he possesses this Divine Love, and is constantly seeking for more, he will try all the harder to get more of it. We can see his soul condition, and to us it is just as naked and open to our soul’s vision as is the souls of spirits one to another, and nothing can be hid from us.

So you see from what I say that he cannot pretend to love his soulmate, for she knows exactly what love he has in his heart for her, and when he tells her that he loves her she knows to just what extent, and so with the rest of us.

All of us are very happy and constantly progressing in our soul development and in happiness, and while this is so, we do not forget him, or our brothers and sisters on earth; but I am sorry to say that they do not know of this Divine Love, and we are trying so hard to impress them with the knowledge of its existence, and the fact that it is waiting for them; but we know that some day they will have an awakening and receive it, for we do not think it possible that such love as ours can be with them so constantly, seeking to influence them, and not in the end bring to them a consciousness that the other love is waiting for them, and we have a great deal of faith, and the Master tells us our prayers will be answered, and he knows. What a precious brother and friend he is, and how he seems to love you and your friends.

When mother and father and the rest of the family here get together, we often wonder and try to understand why the Master should have selected you as the recipient of his love to such an extent, and for his disciple to do the great work that must be done for the salvation of mankind.

Oh, we are all so thankful and happy that such a thing has come to you, and you, my dear, dear brother, must try to appreciate what it means to you and to others.

The Master is with you quite often and when you and your friends get together he comes to you, and casts upon you his love and blessings, and also come many high and wonderful spirits with their love and influences of happiness and peace.

So listen to your sister, who was not very wise on earth, but who now knows the wonderful things that come to her with the inflowing of the Father’s Love.

When she tells you to pray more and let your faith increase, and when doubts come to you, turn your thoughts to the Father and ask His help and blessings, and they will come to you, and you will know it. And love will become a part of your very existence, and the happiness that you will receive will be only a forecast of what is waiting for you when you become one of us in our glorious homes in the skies.

I must not write more now, but in closing will say that we all love you, and are all with you, and pray to the Father that His Love and Blessings may come to you in increasing streams of purity, and joy also, which only He can give.

With all my love, I am your own dear and loving sister,


This is to me a wonderful and most beautiful message and gives me much happiness and consolation.

Leslie R. Stone