The family of Dr. Stone writes of their love.

November 23rd, 1915.

Received by:James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, Mother:

I want to say one word to my son before you stop writing, as I feel so much love for him tonight and am so anxious to let him know that I am with him and feel that he is my dear loving boy, whom his mother is so much interested in and so thankful to God that he has found the way to the Father’s love.

Oh, my boy, if you could only know the happiness that you have given your mother by having sought and found this love of the Father, you will also thank God, that you had the opportunity to make your mother so happy.

I am your own dear mother, and will always love you and pray to the Father for you and for your happiness and well being of your soul. Your sisters are here too, and they are among the redeemed, and enjoy the happiness which the Divine Love gives to them, and they want me to tell you that they are happy too, because you have found the great love and mercy of the Father.

So press forward in your soul development and you will find a wonderful happiness and love, not only on earth, but when you come to us as well.Your Mary loves you too as you know, and her love for you is something wonderful and beyond what we can tell you, and beyond your comprehension.

I will not trespass longer tonight as your friend is tired and should not write much more, but I must say that I am so glad that you met him, and have the benefit of his knowledge and experience of these higher things of the spirit world.

Be always friends and you will both realize a wonderful outflowing of love from the higher spirits, and from the Father, and also from Jesus, who is the most wonderful and loving spirit in all the Celestial Heavens.

I will stop now and in doing so, give you all my love and blessings of a mother whose love is without limit.

Your loving mother,

Priscilla Stone

I want to tell my brother that he must not leave until I tell him that I love him too, and am praying for him with all my heart, and am with him very often trying to help him. So he must believe me and love me too.

I can’t write more – but I love him.


Sister Kate.