The first message received from James’ mother Ann expressing her love for her son.

September 15th, 1914

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, Your Mother:

You are the best son in the world. Yes, and you must love me more than you do. Give me more of your heart and you will feel that I am with you more. Yes, and I am very often with you. No, he is in the lower sphere, but he will soon be with me. He is progressing very fast and is a lovely spirit.

Yes, I do not believe in hell and eternal punishment – they are the false teachings of the orthodox churches.

(The yes & no are answers to questions asked by Mr. Padgett)

Jesus is the same as I believed him to be on earth. Yes, he is my saviour still, but I do not worship him as God. He is not God, but a spirit of the greatest perfection and goodness. He is with me quite often. He talked to you on Saturday night and he will come to you again very soon and explain the true teaching of the Bible. Let him be your friend and adviser.

I have a home and live with a spirit that is the same in progression as myself. We are very happy together and she is the soulmate of your father. No, I am not, but he is waiting to come here and be with the one who is. Yes, but he is not in the same sphere with me. He is in the one with your father and he is progressing too. No, I did not and only met him when he came to the spirit world. He was living in the City of Chicago, and was a very wealthy man, but a very great sinner. He is now in a state of progression and will be with me soon. Yes, but I am not his and he is not mine.

Yes, they are, but he is not with her yet, he is too earthly, but is progressing. Yes I do – she is Helen. She does and you must love her too.

You must go to bed. Goodnight my son.

Your mother.

Ann R. Padgett