The first soulful teaching of the New-Birth

September 15th, 1914

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

Yes, I am Your grandmother:

Yes, and I am in close touch with the Lord. God is a spirit. He is the one mind and spirit that teaches all other spirits, that the truth is the only thing that can save from sin and error. Do not let the teachings of the Saviour become mere idle sounds in your ears – believe in them and you will be soon in the possession of the precious and glorious jewels of the truth – let him lead you to God. Love him and he will be with you and teach you the truths of his Father.

The New Birth is the flowing of the Spirit of God into your soul and the disappearing of all that tends to turn your heart from the truth and Love of God. It comes by the workings of the Holy Spirit that conveys the Grace of God. It is not a working of your own will or power – it is the Love of God that causes the change. You cannot of yourself change the evil workings of your heart but you can pray and the Holy Spirit will come into your soul and then you will realize the change.

The Spirit is the power of God which he uses to influence men to seek His Favor and Love. It is not God Himself, but only one of His instrumentalities with which he works for the salvation of mankind. Let your love for him be the holiest and best kind that you can give to Him. And pray for the Divine Love with earnest sincere prayer.

Yes, Jesus is the teacher, and the Holy Spirit is God’s messenger or instrument that carries into the soul the Divine Love that is bestowed on the truly penitent man. Jesus is the saviour of men by his teachings and his example and the Holy Spirit is the Comforter that carries into the soul the Divine Love. Jesus is still teaching and influencing men to turn to God. He will continue to teach until the Celestial Kingdom is closed. He will come as a still small voice that will reach men’s souls and lead them to the Father. He will not come as the Adventist preach.

Jesus will come quietly into each man’s heart and in that way establish the millennium. He is not going to have a kingdom all his own. He is the son of his Father and will remain in the spirit world to teach men to progress to the heavenly planes that reach up to the presence of God. He is the most glorious spirit in all the heavens and he is the greatest spirit under the dominion of his Father.

There is only one God. Jesus and the Holy Spirit are merely the forces which God uses to carry out his great plans for the redemption of man.

Let me stop now as I am tired.

Your Grandmother, (Ann Rollins)