The founder of the Red Cross Society writes and is not with Divine Love.

April 14th, 1916.

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, Clara Barton:

I was the woman who founded the Red Cross Society, and I am still interested in it, although I am a spirit.

I saw that others were writing through you and I thought that I would like to try, and so with the permission of your wife I took hold of the pen and am now trying to express a few thoughts to you.

Well, I see that my society is very busy now in the great war, and is doing a great deal of good, and needs all the encouragement that it can get. It also needs to have an increase in its membership in all parts of the world, for I see additional scenes of action where its services will be required. Especially in Mexico, for very soon your nation will be at war with that nation, and many a poor soldier will need the services of the Red Cross.

I will not write more tonight, but will come sometime and write more fully, if I am permitted to do so.

I am in the earth plane, they tell me. I am not very happy nor yet unhappy. I have the association of some very good and lovely spirits who are interested in humanity as I am. We are trying to help men wherever we can. Yes, I have met some of these beautiful spirits, and they have been very kind to me, trying to help me, but I am so interested in the work of my society that I have not given much attention to the advice of these high spirits.

But why do you ask the question as to my having seen these spirits?

I have listened to you with great interest, and I am impressed by what you tell me. I have never thought of myself in the particular which you mention, but now I see that what you say must be true, and that I should seek my own development as well as try to assist my late associates. I will do as you advise and seek one of these high spirits, and ask her help and instructions.

I see a number of high spirits here now, brighter and more beautiful than I have ever seen, and your wife brings one to me and says that she is interested in me, and loves me and will help me in the way that you suggest. I am going with her and will seriously listen to her, and seek for all the benefits that I may obtain. I thank you for your interest and kindness and will come sometime and write you of my experience.

So thanking you I will say goodnight.