The Gift of Spirit.

November 3rd, 1914.

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, Helen:

You are too nervous to write. You must go to bed early and rest. You are my darling Ned, and I love you with all my heart, so do not think that you are not loved by me, and your father and mother and grandmother. We all love you.

Question and answer:

Yes I have. And he (Jesus) says, that he is waiting for you to get in condition to write. He will write to you as he said and you must soon get in condition, You will get it by prayer as I am told by your grandmother, who is here. She says that you must believe more thoroughly in the promises of the Master and you will receive the gift of the Spirit. She says that you are too much taken up with your business matters, to let the Spirit enter into your soul in all its truth and love. She says, that you must not let the thoughts of what you shall do in the future keep you from praying to God and loving him as you will be taken care of.

She says: That Jesus is the one for you to believe in and love as he will be your friend and will help you to progress in your spiritual life, as well as in your temporal life. He is the one who can help you more than anyone else.

She says: That the Christian Scientists Church is the one that will help you most as the people who attend there are more in accord with the teachings of Christ than are the Spiritualists of the church of Mrs. Kates. And she further says, that the Spiritualists are not teaching the true religion of the Master, and that is the only one that will lead to God; they are merely showing the possibility of communicating between the dead and the living, which is desirable so far as it goes, but which does not save men from their sins or bring them at-one with God. So I would not attend there very often, but rather go to some church that teaches that Jesus is the saviour of men from their sins. Go to the Methodist, or Congregational or Universalist church. Each of them will help you to progress in your spiritual development.

Yes, he (preacher) is all wrong and you will not be benefitted by him. He is not in the true way of light. He is too imaginative and visionary. He does not see the things that he preaches and he is not doing any good to himself or to others. Go to the Lord and He will lead you aright. I mean the Father whom Jesus taught about, and that he will help you to see the Truth and the things that are necessary for your salvation. Yes you should, as they are the mediums by which God lets His Love and Favor come to man. They are the only true instrumentalities of the Father which He uses to show the way to salvation, and to confer His Love and Grace on man.

Yes, you do, only believe more and you will soon receive the gift of the spirit in all its fullness. Yes, you will and so will those that you come in contact with. Give the Lord your whole heart and soul and you will soon realize the difference in your life. Yes, she does, and is with you often and prays God to bless you.

She says, that she is willing for once to attend such a séance, but that it is not beneficial as a general thing, as it does not help the spiritual development of the person, but only convinces the man that the spirit is a living being and can come back to earth and show himself in a form that may be realized.

The writing phase is the most satisfactory as you can preserve what is said, and can commune in a more extended and enlightening manner.

She (Mrs. Kates) is talking through her own mind. No spirit talks through her. She sees the forms and scenes which she describes and she hears the voices of spirits talking to her and she merely repeats what she hears. (Irish control) She merely repeats the language that she hears.

You will be a strong medium of communicating by the pencil. You will not be a clairvoyant as that is a phase that is not intended for you to possess. Yes, and you will not only be able to write for us, but for Jesus, as he desires. You will become a true follower of him, and then you will be able to write with much facility and success. He will tell you when he writes. I do not know what he will write, for he has only told me that he will write on the Truths that the Bible does not contain or rather that he will correct certain passages contained in the Bible.

Yes, you must love me as I love you and then you will be happy. Yes, and you must believe that I am. Yes I am, and will soon be in the third heaven, and I will then be so much happier. Yes it is, and that is what I want you to do.

Good night my own love.