The Grandfather of Eugene writes to his grandson.

November 4th, 1916

Received by:James Padgett

Washington D.C.

I am here, the Grandfather of Eugene.

I was his father’s father, and died ever so many years ago. I am in the Celestial Heavens, for many years ago I learned the way to the Heaven of the soul.

I have been interested in my grandson’s experience, and have been with him on many occasions, trying to influence him with my prayers and love. And in the spirit world I have been with his father, attempting to show him the Truth, and to some extent I succeeded; but strange as it may seem to you both, this influence that I speak of has never been so effective as since the time when Eugene’s father came in rapport with him so that he could write through him and speak to his inner ear. There is something so mysterious about the effect that the rapport with the human has on the mortal in the way of helping the spirit to progress, that we who are of the higher spheres cannot fully understand it.

But the fact remains that since the time his father first came in rapport with him, the father has made more soul development than in all the years before. The influence of spirit upon spirit seemed to increase, so that the one in the lower condition would listen, and strive to progress. These things are wonderful, even to us, and I realize more clearly since the experience of my grandson commenced, the great work that mortals may do among spirits, when the mortal has in him that which is able to awaken the spirit to a realization of his true condition.

I have been with all the family that I left behind, and have seen, and now see, the great difference in their condition of soul and estate, and why such differences should exist is to me not clearly understood. Of course, my love to all was the same and my desire that every one should progress equally was impartial; but yet, the fact is that equal progress was not made.

I was so glad when I heard John deliver the message that you have just received. Of course, I know the fact, but it is so satisfying to have my grandson told the truth by a spirit of such high estate and development as is John. Tell my boy to read the message and understand its full significance, and he will then possess a knowledge that will help him in many difficulties that he will encounter in his earth life.

I am often with him and with his sisters who are in the spirit world, and they are very happy, and he may become so, too, even while on earth. Of course, my home is in a higher plane than those of his sisters or parents, and our attractions are somewhat different and I am not with them so often as he may suppose; but I love them very much and am with them whenever I see that I can help them with my love or influence.

Our love for our children remains with us a long time after we become spirits, and I have not yet realized that it has left me, but it grows weaker as the space between us in our soul development widens, and the laws of attraction carry our affections to others who are more nearly like us in our development. This I am told is the experience of many who have lived in the spirit life for a long time, and to a certain extent I feel it myself; but, strange as it may appear, this law does not seem to apply between the spirit, no matter how great its development, and a mortal relative. And so it should be.

Hence, my interest in my grandson is just as great as it could be, and in all my progression there has been a love in my being that has drawn me to him and caused me to look after and pray for his welfare.

I write thus tonight, because I desire him to know something of spirit laws that he may not know, and to assure him that though he may not have any remembrance of me as the earthly grandfather, yet to me he is as dear as if I had left the earth and him yesterday. Of course, the time will come when we may have no recollection or memory of each other and our love become a misty dream, but as long as he continues on earth he will remain the child of my care and love.

Well, I have written enough, and must stop. So with my love to him, and the blessings of God on you both, I will say good night.

Eugene Morgan’s Grandfather