The Judge writes a short message on his love for Rose.

March 23rd, 1916

Received by:James Padgett

Washington D.C.

I am here, Syrick:

Well, you can’t lose me, as the boys say, for I have your wife on my side, and I think that we can beat you and Dr. Stone, although you are two of a kind.

Well, my dear friend, I want to write just a little as I have not written you for some time, and you know the great pleasure it gives us in exchanging a few thoughts. I am very happy, and so is Rose, who is here, and says that you are her next soulmate when I get divorced from her, but I will tell you privately don’t depend on that.

I am progressing and am with her so much oftener than formerly, and I also have a greater opportunity to be with your folks.

I will come soon and write you about something that I have found to be true since I have been a spirit, and which I know you will like to hear of.

How is my friend the doctor? He looks as if he might be very happy, and if he could see that little soulmate of his I know he would be.

Well, you two had the advantage of me on earth, because you knew more of this Divine Love than I did, but I am ahead of you now, for I have my soulmate right here with her arms around my neck, giving me a kiss occasionally, and I know it. And your soulmates say that your two have their arms around your necks too, and they know that sometimes you realize it.

Well, I am glad that we can have our little jokes together. Oh, what a difference from what I expected! I thought that when I came over I would either be helping in building fires or riding on clouds, playing harps. But believe I would sooner be just as I am with Rose telling me all the sweet things that she does.

I must stop now, and with my love and that of Rose, will say, goodnight.

Your old friend,