The philosopher, Plato writes that he is with Divine Love.

November 11th, 1915.

Received: by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

Let me be the one to tell you of the truth of what you want to know.

I am one of the first of the great philosophers of ancient Greece, and was known as Plato. I was a disciple of Socrates and a teacher of his philosophy, with additions.

He was not only a great philosopher but the nicest and best man of his time. His teachings of immortality were then far in advance of those of any teacher, and no man has since surpassed him in his conception of the soul’s destiny or its qualities, except the great Master, who knew and brought to light the great truth of immortality.

Socrates and I are both followers of the Master and inhabitants of his Heavenly Spheres where only those who have received the Divine Love of the Father can live. As I followed Socrates on earth, I so I followed him in the knowledge of the New Birth, and in the possession of the Great Love which brought to us Immortality.

I cannot say much more to-night as you are too tired to receive any thoughts, but sometime I will come and write you of this great truth, and how far short my philosophy was in its attempts to teach immortality.

I see that you have received many messages from the spirits who are higher than I, and who know more about these Divine Truths but, yet, I think that my experiences in regard to the teachings of this great subject may do some good.

I will not write more, but will say good-night.

Your brother in Christ,