The Prof. explains that Natural Love has its limitations.

May 24th, 1915

Received by:James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, Prof. Salyards.

I would like to give you another installment of my discourse, if you feel inclined to take it at this time.

It was the Master, you must not doubt.

Well there is another law of the spirit world which provides that no spirit can ever progress to the higher sphere until he realizes that he must seek the Love and help of the Father.

You may say that there are many spirits in the higher spheres who have never received this Love, and who, notwithstanding, have progressed and are now comparatively happy spirits. This is true, but their progress is merely intellectual and moral. They can progress to a limited degree only and then must stop in their progress, as the progress of the mind and the natural love has its limitations.But such progress is not the progress that I speak of – this is without limitations and leads to spheres without end, progressing nearer and near to the very Fountainhead of the Father, as the Divine Love increases in greater abundance in the soul to progress higher. This I am told by spirits from these Celestial Spheres.

Well, I am sorry that you became sleepy, for it broke the thread of my discourse so that I cannot resume.

Yes, I understand and do not blame you, but the effect is just the same.

As your wife wants to write I will stop.

Your old friend and teacher,

J. Salyards