The Prof. is inspired by James’ work with Spirits, especially the high Spirits – a beautiful message.

August 6th, 1915

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, your old Prof:

I wish to write a little tonight as I have not written for some time.

Well, I have been watching the many messages which you have received and I have been much interested in the variety of the subject matter and the number and difference in the spirits who have written.

You seem to have received messages from spirits of all ages and from all nationalities and I am pleased to see that these messages were mostly of a higher order of communication. I was interested in the messages from the prophets and also those from the apostles and saints. And in them I saw that there were many spiritual truths disclosed and that they were very similar in their declarations as to the Divine Love of the Father and the New Birth. It is wonderful that you should get such corroboration of these truths from spirits who have had such a wide difference in experiences in the spirit world.

You are better tonight than you have been for sometime and we are all so glad of that fact and hope that you may continue in such a frame of mind and in the condition of your soul development.

I am now in the Seventh Sphere and am very happy. Your father is with me and we are so pleased at our progress that we never cease thanking God for His goodness and mercy.

Mr. Riddle is still in the fifth sphere, but we expect that he will be in the seventh very soon and we will then have a happy reunion.

My soulmate is with me and sends her love to you and says that she is much interested in you and tries all she knows how to help you in your material, as well as your spiritual, condition.

Very soon I want to write a long message on a subject that I think will be of much interest to you and to others who are interested in the things of the spirit life.

I know that that will please all the band as we have missed writing to you and desire so much to continue our communications. Of course the messages that you have received have been very beneficial and are intended to do good, but yet we feel that we had stayed away, I mean refrained from writing for too long a time.

Well, I have been trying to help him (Roller) but his condition is such that I find great difficulty in doing so. He still thinks of the earthly matters and his appetite for the accursed stuff still clings to him and causes him to neglect the thoughts that would do him so much good. But we continue to try to help him.

Well, I will stop for tonight.

With all my love, I am

Your old Professor and friend in Christ,

Joseph H. Salyards