The Prof. tells James “you were once my student”.

February 8th, 1916

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, your old Professor:

I merely want to say that I desire to finish my discourse of some weeks ago and am ready at any time that may suit your convenience.

Well, I will come one night this week and try to finish. I see that you are in a very good condition now, as your brain is working very well. The message that you have received from Paul is a wonderfully deep message upon the existence of the resurrection, and as I understand and have experienced the resurrection is a true explanation of its meaning.

Paul is a very logical and clear writer, and I am glad that he finds such little difficulty in making use of your faculties. He is very much pleased at the success of the experiment and his estimate of you is very great, as are the estimates of all the higher spirits who write.

Well my dear boy, I often think of the wonder of all this experience, and sometimes let my mind return to the days when you were my dear pupil; and I think how wholly we were in want of any conception that such a thing could be. And I can’t tell you how glad and thankful I am that we ever came in contact with each other, for I will frankly and assuredly say that if I had never met you I doubt if I would have had the privilege of meeting such spirits as your grandmother and mother, and of having received the benefits of their advice and the influence of their love, as well as the companionship of your father and Mr. Riddle.

I often think of how a mere accident as your coming to my school should have brought about such momentous results, and in thinking I am so grateful to our Heavenly Father.

So my boy, keep up your good work and you will find a wonderful happiness when you come over.

The dark spirits whom you help are so very grateful to you and are all lovers of you and your friends are ready at all time to protect you from the evil that might come to you from the influences of the many evil spirits who have their habitations so near your earth. Yes, more than you can imagine, I want to say this further thing, and that is, that very many spirits who don’t have the opportunity to write to you are influenced very much by what they hear you tell others, and act on the advice that you give to those who write. And small wonder at the confidence of these spirits have in you and the influence you have with them. So many are being helped, and our work is made so much easier because they listen to us and believe so much more readily when you advise them to do so.

Well, we are very happy and progressing all the time. Oh, I wish I could tell you how beautiful she is and how loving and how much she thinks of you. She is with you quite often and is trying with the rest of us to help you in every way. We know when you pray for us, and it does help us more than you can conceive of, for your prayers are sincere, and, I know, ascend to the Father, Who answers the prayers of the sincere and trusting.

So I say, we all love you very much, and feel that we cannot do for you what we should like to; but you must believe in us and know that we are with you and have more power than you may think to help.

I have written too long already, and your wife says, “Professor, I don’t like to be discourteous, but I must suggest that you stop and let that baby boy go to bed, for he will sit up all night if you continue to write.” What a beautiful and loving wife you have, and how we all love her for her goodness.

So my dear boy, I will say goodnight.

Your brother in Christ,

Prof. Salyards