The publisher’s mother is grateful.

May 13, 1917

Received by:James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, Priscilla Stone:

I want to say just one word before you stop writing, for I have been present all evening and have heard your conversation, and have seen the condition of the souls of both yourself and my dear boy, and to tell you that I am happy because of this hardly expresses my feelings.I am so thankful to the Father that He has in His great Love and mercy enabled my son to know and experience the presence of this great redeeming Love. When I think of the great number of human beings nearly all whom have no true knowledge of this Love and the Way to the great Celestial Kingdom of God where there is so much happiness and the assurance of Immortality, I am almost overcome and wonder that such a privilege should be bestowed on my son, who of course is no more deserving of this blessing than are thousands of others of mankind. God is good and I am so very thankful.

Tell my boy to remember what James the Apostle wrote him, and to believe and trust in what he said, as to what reward shall be his when he comes to the spirit world and realize the results of his efforts to help both mortals and spirits.

If my other children would only listen to him and turn their thoughts to these spiritual things, and to seek this Divine Love, I would be so happy that I would exclaim with David when he wrote in the 23d Psalm “my cup of joy runneth over.” And I am praying and hoping that some little truth will find lodgment in their souls and germinate until at last they shall find the pearl of great price from the Father.

Tell my boy to believe that his mother loves him so much and is with him so very often and that she is now trying to unfold her love to him and convey her thanks to the Father of All.

His father is here too and sends his love and blessings and says that his son must pray and believe and work, for in these three things will be found a power that will overcome all obstacles and bring to him that Love and peace that only the redeemed children of the Father can possibly possess or understand.

I will not write more now and thank you for the privilege. God bless my boy and keep him in the way of Love that leads to the Celestial Heaven. And so I will say, good-night. His mother – he knows that I am his mother without signing my name.