The silver stream of love.

February 22nd, 1918.

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, Helen:

You have been happy tonight, for I was with you and could see and feel your happiness. Oh, it was grand to have such love as you gave me, and to let me know that your heart was all mine. Why can’t we often have such nights? I was with you all the time and when the Rosary was played I showed myself to you as you imagined you saw me. I was actually there in the position that you saw me in, with my heart and eyes full of love for you, and pointing to the higher sphere whence came the stream of light that you saw. It was the silver stream of love that was flowing down upon us and showing us that in that happy sphere was all love and happiness. What you imagined you saw was an actual vision in which I was very much present and alive. So you see I have kept my promise to let you see me and I did it in a way that I know would make you happy, and at the same time realize what a happy soulmate you have, and how love has made her beautiful.

So now I know that you will believe that I am with you and love you, and am waiting for you to come over, and go with me to the sphere where love and joy reigns supreme. Oh, my Ned, I am so happy tonight in the knowledge that at last you have seen me as I am, and as I will appear to you when you come over.

So, sweetheart, we will not write more tonight for it would seem to me that to write of other things after one wonderful coming together and enjoying our great happiness would be a sacrilege; and so in the love which I know you have for me and which you know I have for you, I will say with all my soul, be my own Ned for ever as you are tonight and I shall be satisfied and happy.

Your own true and loving,