The Wandering Jew.

June 21st, 1917.

Received by James Padgett

Washington D.C.

l am the man who said to Jesus as he bore his cross to Calvary, “Pass on,” and to whom he said, “Tarry thou till I come;” and for years and years I waited, until at last he came to me, not as the reincarnated Jesus, but as my brother and friend in the possession of the Divine Love, which I received in my soul after the long years of waiting and suffering on earth.

I know that this is considered a legend by mortals, but to me it was a vital and painful fact. I was truly the wandering Jew and found rest nowhere, and even death would not come to me to release me of a life that was a torture, and a cause of recollection of my inhumanity to the truly Jesus.

I have now been in spirit life for many centuries and am in the Celestial Heavens, for the Divine Love of the Father is sufficient to redeem the vilest of mortals and the perpetrators of the greatest sins from their conditions of darkness and sufferings.

If I had only known what a beloved son of God the Master was when I uttered my vile words and cruel curses, I would never have opened my mouth, except to bless him and comfort him as he walked his weary way to the cross; but, I did not know, and thought that I was serving my God, when I reviled him, who, as I thought, was a blasphemer and destroyer of our religion.

But, I paid the penalty even while on earth, and suffered the tortures that no man can understand, for as I continued to live, and death was always fleeing from me, I commenced to and did realize that I had committed a sin against the chosen of the Father, and his, I mean Jesus’ sentence upon me became a thing of wonderful and ever present reality.

But now, I know that he loved even me, and that while I was wandering and suffering he was with me trying to help me open up my soul to the Divine Love, which was my only liberator from my doom.

I know that this may seem strange and unbelievable to you, and not possible in the workings of God’s economy in dealing with His creatures, but it was true, and I know. But the Wonderful Love! Oh, how can I ever express my feelings of gratitude to the Father and to Jesus! While I remained in my ignorant and disheartened state, that very Jesus was with me many times in his love, trying to help me. Many spirits have told me this, and it is true.

I write this because I want you and the world to know that this Love is waiting for all mankind, and that there is no sinner so vile that it cannot turn him into the Divine Angel of God’s Celestial Heavens.

I will not write more now, except to say that whenever you read of me, remember that I am no longer the wandering Jew but a redeemed child from sin and error, and much beloved by that very Jesus whom I treated so cruelly.

With my love I will say, good-night.

I will sign myself as I am best known,

The Wandering Jew