There is no need to worry now.

December 25th, 1914.

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, Helen:

You are much better tonight and I am so glad for you needed to give up all your worries and learn to trust God for all your wants. He will take care of you in every way, and you will not lack for anything that is right for you to have. So, do not worry anymore and you will not only be happy but will be successful in all your efforts of a material kind. Yes, do that and you will feel like a man out of prison, for cares and worries are the things that make a man captive. His love will set you free indeed as Jesus says and he knows. Be true to God and to yourself and you need not care what the future may bring, for it will bring everything which the Father knows to be for the best.

You are now my own true Ned, and I love you so much that I cannot tell you of its intensity. Let your thoughts turn to God and His love and you will be the happiest man on earth for you have His love to a great degree, and you have Jesus to love and care for you in a way that we all wonder at. He seems to think that you are his special care, and will not let you need for anything that he sees you should have for your material good. He is here and will write to you tonight and tell you what you must do in order to be able to carry out his mission, which he has designed for you. So listen to him very attentively and try to follow his instructions and you will be a very happy and fortunate man.

We are all so grateful that he has selected you for the work, and when you engage in it we will all be with you to assist you in doing everything that is possible for you to do.

Your grandmother is here and says that you must try to learn exactly what the Master wishes you to do, and do it with all your might.

She is full of love for you and so happy that you have been chosen by Jesus to do this work that she is praising God all the time and giving thanks for his love and favor.

Do not think that you cannot do what he may tell you to do for you can if you will only try. But you must have faith in his teachings and not let the other spirits or any of your friends on earth lead you to believe that Jesus is not writing to you and asking you to be his true disciple. He is with you in every hour of need and loves you with a love that knows no limit. He is so very holy and pure that what he says must impress you that it is he that writes to you; so do not doubt in any particular. He says that you are his chosen one, and you will be a great man in teaching mankind what the truth is and what God’s love means to all humanity. So let him teach you and you believe.

We are now all here and are trying out best to make you feel our presence, and know that love is all around you waiting for you to feel its influence and cause you to give more of your love in return.

I am very happy tonight for you seem nearer to me than ever since the night that you prayed so very earnestly for my progression to my present home. It was a glorious night when your prayers were answered and I felt the love of God flowing into my heart in such abundance and in such perfect peace. Oh, my darling, if you could only see how happy I am. I know that you would praise God for His goodness and thank him for being so kind to your little wife.

You must now let Jesus write, and I will write you afterwards if you are not too tired for me to do so.

So goodbye for the present,