Writes on his understanding of the True Resurrection.

October 24th, 1915

Received by James Padgett

Washington D.C.

I am here, Thomas Carlyle.

I merely want to say that I was present when Luke wrote and heard what he said and was much interested. This very question used to be a great stumbling block to my belief in the resurrection of Jesus, because it seemed to me that the resurrection of the material body as so improbable under the circumstances as narrated in the Bible, that it was difficult for me to believe the story. But now I can understand very readily, because I am acquainted with the laws governing the formation and disintegration of the material things of earth, and I know that there is a law which would enable a person with the knowledge and power that Jesus had at the time of his death, to cause the disintegration of the material, as the scientists say, so that they would disappear into the surrounding atmosphere.

I wish that I had understood this fact when a mortal, for then many other things would have appeared to me as probably true, and l would have been in a different state of belief as to spiritual things, and my progress here towards higher spheres would not have been delayed.

It is to be deplored that this so called mystery was not explained in the Bible, for had it been men would not now be in darkness as to the meaning of the resurrection, and the many thousands who believe that the soul and spirit go into the grave to await the great Judgment Day, would not be in such condition of delusion and have to suffer the consequences of such false belief in the stagnation of their soul progression, which will surely come to them.

I hope you will give this explanation to the world and let men know the truth, that there will be no resurrection of the body of flesh containing the soul or spirit as taught by the churches.

I will not write more to-night, but will come again.

Your brother in Christ,

Thomas Carlyle