Writes on the progression of her soulmate.

April 24th, 1916

Received by:James Padgett

Washington D.C.

I am here, Rose – just Rose.

I want to say only a word, for I am so happy that I must tell you, as I know that you will join with me in my happiness. Well, the Judge has progressed to the Third Sphere, and he is so happy that he hardly knows what to do or what to say! He is here, but wanted me to write, as he thinks that I may be able to tell you more understandingly than if he should try to write.

Well, he now knows what the Divine Love means, and what a Saviour and great spirit the Master is; and he is praying to, and praising, the Father with all his heart. He certainly is happy, and wants everybody to know it! You can imagine that we all rejoice with him, and unite in thanking the Father for the great blessing that has been bestowed. I, of course, am especially happy, for I am his soulmate, and he is now so much nearer to my home, and now his progress will be more rapid and his growth in this Divine Love so much more easy, for as he realizes the wonderful power of this Love to make him happy and to give him a home more beautiful than he ever conceived of, his faith increases, and will increase.

He thanks God for his Rose, and for his friends on earth who helped him so much in learning the truths of the spirit world, both as to what you might call the material things, and as to the spiritual higher things.

Well, I am so full of joy that I cannot write much tonight, and I feel that what I have said must be disconnected, but I know you will excuse my weakness, for when the time comes for you to understand what soulmate love means under such circumstances, you will wonder that I was able to write al all!

He sends his love, and so do I, and when next he comes he will want to use up your whole tablet in writing his experiences.

So, thanking you I will say goodnight.

Your sister in Christ,