Writes that soulmate love will never cease.

October 11th, 1917.

Received by:James Padgett

Washington D.C.

I am here, Mary Kennedy:

I wish to write a few lines as I am so anxious to once more come into conscious communion with my soulmate. I heard you read the letters from Helen in reference to your dream, and I want to tell my dear one that what she said as to the soulmate love between you and her applies equally to that love which is existing between Leslie and myself. I am so happy that he understands this, for such knowledge is one that must create a happiness on his part that so very few of the human race understand or have the privilege of enjoying.

Yes, our love is one that can never be taken from us, and in all the great eternity it can never change, except to increase in intensity and beauty. Oh, I am so happy when I think that I have a soulmate on earth who knows that he has a soulmate in the spirit world, and that he is trying to develop his soul so that when he comes to me our separation will not continue very long. I am praying all the time that the great love of the Father may fill his soul so that it may become more and more in unison with mine and he realize, even while on earth, that it is possible to approach closer and closer to my condition of development. When he believes this, as I know he does, he is not dreaming but is believing an actual truth that nothing in all God’s universe can change, and only he himself can postpone its fulfillment.

Isn’t it all wonderful that our Father should have made such provisions for poor, little, insignificant mortals, when all around are the wonderful manifestations of His power and greatness! But while we are small and many, yet to the Father, our happiness is the greatest care that there is in all his creation. The earth and the stars and suns may pass away and cease to exist, but that one little spark of soulmate love will never cease to exist, no not through all eternity; and we, who have this love, when joined in unity will live and know that as to it, the decree of the Father is that it shall never die, but in all the long ages grow brighter and deeper and more like the love of the Father.

I am happier tonight than I can tell you of, and my love for Leslie is greater than ever before, and growing all the time, and with this knowledge there comes to me the consciousness that his love is becoming mine to a greater degree than ever. Then why shouldn’t we, as a mere personal matter, thank and praise the Father, for His goodness and loving provisions which we have been so specially privileged in receiving, and not only receiving but knowingly! I feel tonight that I could write him many pages on this subject, but I must not consume too much of your time. So let me say, just one word more; whether he is sleeping or awake, I am with him in my love, and enjoying every thought that he sends to me, and only crave that his thoughts of me become more frequent and his desire to have me with him increase and never cease.

This may seem selfish, but when you consider that there is none other who can give me this love, and none other who has the love which is a part of me, and which only, outside the Father’s love, can make me so supremely happy, you will not think me selfish.

Well, I must stop for tonight. But I will be with him and go home with him and remain with him until he goes to sleep; and sometime in the near future, I hope that I may have him come to me again in his spirit as he did before, when we enjoyed an hour of such great happiness and joy.

Thanking you and with my love to him, I will say goodnight,