You are the messenger to carry my Gospel to mankind.

October 5th, 1914.

Received by James Padgett.

Washington D.C.

I am here, Jesus:

You must not be too anxious for me to explain all the mysteries of God’s creation. I must not teach you all of them now, but will later, when you have become purified and are at-one with Him.

You are the messenger that I shall use to carry my gospel to mankind and I will teach you those truths which you cannot now understand. I will explain all the qualities of the soul and spirit so that mankind need no longer remain in darkness as to what my teachings mean and as to how very necessary it is that it shall understand and follow my teachings.

Do not be over anxious at this time to know the mysteries of preexistent of the difference between the soul and the spirit. You shall know in the future and you will then be able to receive the truths of God in their respects to your fellow man.

Go to the Lord in prayer and he will remove from your soul all that tends to defile it and make it an alien from Him.

He is the one that will clean it from all sin and error. Do not believe all that you read tonight in the books that you are reading at the library. Some statements were true and some were not. Only the teachings that I shall give you will tell the wishes of my Father.

Let not your heart be troubled or cast down for I am with you always and I will help you in every time of need. Only believe that I am the Jesus of the Scriptures and you will not be long out of the Kingdom.

You are my chosen one on earth to proclaim my glad tidings of life and love. Be true to yourself and to your God and He will bless you abundantly.

Keep His commandments and you will be very happy and will soon receive the contentment that He gives His true children. Go to Him in all your troubles and you will find rest and peace.

Unknown questions

Yes, in a very short time you will be free to devote your whole attention to my objects and to your work. You will soon be in a condition to let the things of this world alone as I need you for my service. Let me tell you that you will get your home as you desire and have your surroundings all harmonious for receiving my messages. And you will be with your daughter to keep you happy and free from care.

Let me bless you and leave you now for you are too nervous to write more at this time.

With all my love and my blessings and those of the Holy Spirit.